Our dedicated logistics team handles all movements of our units, the allocation of our fleet of refrigerated vehicles and our on-site support vehicles. They are experts in planning the temporary power installations at events where needed and have access to a national network of generators allowing a seamless supply chain at very short notice if required. The seating provided is in keeping with the food court style, front and back of house operations are kept neat and tidy at all times with no unsightly vehicles visible during events.

Co-ordination of Guest Traders

The majority of units are company owned, however we embrace specialist operatives into Cook Street with the sole purpose of supporting and adding value to our own operations. Our selection process is rigorous, consistency of service is a priority for us and all sub-contracted units operate to strictly controlled guidelines and are under the supervision of our own senior staff prior to and during the event. We liaise directly with the event organisers and local authority inspectors both before and during the event ensuring immediate answers to queries and absolute clarity in relation to our processes and health and safety practises throughout Cook Street

Food safety

We are dedicated to offer not only the tastiest, but also the absolute safest food to all our customers. From our Directors to our Catering Assistants, all are trained and aware of the utmost importance of food safety ensuring the safest possible products. Supervisors are trained to a minimum of Level 2 Food Hygiene and several of our management have the Level 4 Award. Our Food Safety Manager liaises directly with the event organiser and any local authority inspectors before and during the event ensuring immediate answers and absolute clarity in relation to our processes and practices.

Our dedicated Food Safety Manager is employed to focus specifically on all aspects of food safety, offering constant supervision and performing daily food safety audits, thus ensuring the safest possibly products are offered at all times. Any subcontracted units are subject to a rigorous selection process. Our green card system has been approved by every local authority that we have worked with. It involves our own Food Safety Manager personally inspecting every outlet and issuing a green card to the unit to say that all opening checks are satisfactory and the unit is fit to trade. This includes approval of facilities, food hygiene certificates, insurance documentation, allergen information and operating practices.

Financial Auditing

Being responsible for some of the most prestigious contracts in the UK means that at times MPM Catering can be managing up to 70 catering outlets at one time and our financial team, headed up by our Financial Controller Mark Purbrick, have spent time putting some very robust systems in place to ensure that all financial auditing and reporting is done in an open and transparent manner.

Our finance team also works closely with the venue both onsite and post-event to provide management information such as sales data per unit per day, average spend per transaction etc.
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