Welcome to Cook Street... where great food lives!

Cook Street is our exciting and vibrant food zone that rocks the live event food scene! So much more than just finding something to eat, Cook Street offers a real feast for the senses and there is an exciting buzz around the culinary quality of our funky artisan food zone.

A fantastic spectrum of food, bursting with flavour, originality and freshness all in one zone. Cook Street raises the culinary game and reflects our unwavering core values of serving our customers the best food at every event; using honest, fresh, seasonal ingredients with true food provenance; truly believing in the best customer service.

Across the country you’ll find us working in partnership with the biggest names in the fields of sports & leisure, at major cultural and music events, at festivals and fairs, offering people what they really want- fantastic fresh food that creates taste, flavour and excitement. That’s the thing about Cook Street, it’s not just about eating, the feast for the senses has theatre, styling, incredible food cooked right in front of you at funky street style outlets. This is food you can see, smell, taste and enjoy immediately, a visual treat you just can’t wait to tuck into.